Sve a Loughborough, Inghilterra, per 1 volontaria/o, Partenza a febbraio 2015 per 10 mesi

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Il vostro sogno è di vivere in Inghilterra e volete da tempo partire per un'esperienza di volontariato Internazionale?Ecco allora la vostra opportunità

L'associazione Eufemia è alla ricerca di 1 volontario/a per un progetto sve di 10 mesi con partenza a Febbraio 2015

Destinaizone:Loughborough, InghilterraNumero volontari: 1 volontaria/o 18-30Data di partenza: partenza febbraio 2015Durata: 10 mesiTemi: marketing, media, progettazione

Descrizione del progetto:An EVS project by Fearon Community Association – the hosting organization and Charnwood Borough Council – a local government organization in Loughborough (UK). The project dates for EVS activities will be 1 February – 30 November 2015 .We expect one volunteer per partner. In total we will have a group of six volunteers.

Accommodation- living with families or twin accommodation.

Attività:Mainly volunteers will be engaged at the Fearon Hall (a community center) and projects within it. Tasks will include:- Admin and care taking of the center which with the funding cuts became a community led organization.- Training and support will be provided.- Development of the center which will include addressing of the existing issues of the center such as shabbiness or promotion of the facilities and develop and implement plan of actions to address and reduce or illuminate those problems.

Here volunteers will be supported by the project manager and trustees of the community center and me as a project manager. Marketing and Fundraising activities will include work with social and traditional media, networking with local people and organisations, writing applications, planning and organising events (community and fundraising). Here the guidance, support and evaluation will be provided by the best placed person for a project and overall overlooked by me and trustees. Networking will involve visiting and working with different local oragnisations based either at Fearon Hall or on their premises. Catering will include the supported and guided work with the Social enterprise run from the center providing meals for disadvantaged community members and anybody really. This will be restricted to maximum two volunteers as their will also undergo special trainings needed in order to work in the kitchen. Own project will be encouraged. We will identify the best positioned person to help volunteers with those.

Job Shadowing opportunities and further projects for community engagement in the free time will be provided to the attention of the volunteers and could be introduced on demand. There will be support and management in place but volunteers will also be expected to be able to work on their own initiative with minimum supervision towards set objectives.

Calendario girnaliero:Those will be in general between 9am and 5pm. However there will be regularly events in the evenings and weekends for which volunteers will be able to take time off which should be agreed on the stage of weekly planning with me. We will aim to provide two consecutive free days a week unless other arrangements agreed on individual bases. Volunteers will have two days of holiday per months which they would need to agree with me minimum two months in advance.  

Trasporti:Accommodation will be within walking distance from the Fearon Hall. When engaged in the projects which required travelling travel costs or lift will be provided.Traveling to and from Loughborough.Volunteers should arrive to Loughborough on 1st February and depart on 30th November 2015. Travel advice will be provided separately. Reimbursement of the travel costs up to the granted amount per country will be paid into the account of the sending organization or a participant after the final report for this project is approved.  

Language support.: We have in our budget 750 EUR (calculated as 5times*150 as there is an online support for Italian learner available). We will encourage selecting participants with good command of English please. But in any case we will provide language support or classes either as an exchange programme where we will encourage local young people to learn languages of our volunteers and them teaching volunteers English and/or by hiring a teacher to deliver classes in door or sending them to available classes in Loughborough (as the budget is limited we will not be able to send volunteers to other places).

Mentori:Each volunteer will have a mentor who they will meet by weekly for first two months and then monthly or more often if would be required.   

Condizioni economiche:- vitto ed alloggio garantito- corso di lingua- assicurazione- pocket money: 140 euro al mese- trapsorti rimborsabili al 100% fino ad un massimale di riferimento

Guida alla candidatura:Per fare domanda, inviare CV in inglese e lettera motivazionale in inglese (nel corpo del form o come allegato) attraverso il bottone arancione sottostante

Scadenza:30 Dicembre 2014Vi consigliamo di non aspettare il giorno della scadenza per inviare le candidature.Prima ci si candida e più possiblità si hanno di essere selezionati

Per maggiori informazioni, inviare mail tramite form o contattare il numero 3408311334


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